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19:03:56 Sunday October 21st 2012

A short spell in Brighton A&E last week didn't put a damper on our Oxjam Festival Garden Gig yesterday.  The current total raised stands at £500 with £78.25 in GiftAid.  A massive thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone who donated.

An extra special thanks to Mr Q ( and Maltloaf, now called The Cases (, for playing.

22:38:05 Sunday September 30th 2012
First full on rehearsal for the Oxjam gig today. Sore fingers, but really looking forward to it.

19:14:42 Saturday January 16th 2010
Brunner Outdoor Guitar video available in the Video section.

15:13:35 Thursday January 14th 2010
Brunner Outdoor Guitar turned up today, and it's absolutely amazing.  Out to watch The Swell Season tonight, but will post a video as soon as I can.

18:02:06 Friday September 25th 2009
Check out some new tracks from last night's acoustic rehearsal using the Audio link

19:05:36 Wednesday September 23rd 2009
You can now also check out my videos in on my channel

19:01:23 Wednesday September 23rd 2009
Check out last week's acoustic rehearsal footage from the Video link

18:16:09 Friday September 18th 2009
Check out last night's acoustic rehearsal from the Audio link

13:00:00 Thursday September 17th 2009
Welcome to the all new